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Organizations committed to thriving within ecological limits, beyond capitalism.
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How It Works

There are many organizations building worlds beyond capitalism, and shaping economies rooted in wellbeing. However, social media platforms disproportionately prioritize those who pay while the algorithm continually suppresses amazing work that is being done by organizations advocating for systemic change.

The Post Growth Alliance hacks that system.

The Post Growth Alliance (PGA) is a cooperative social media service and solidarity hub for aligned groups. Created and hosted by the Post Growth Institute (PGI) since 2013, the PGA provides organizations the ability to submit material they would like broadcasted to a wider audience. The PGI then curates relevant social media content and amplifies the posts via an alerts system that “hacks the algorithm” to uplift post-capitalist happenings. Requiring just a few clicks, the PGA saves organizations time and money, while increasing their exposure to receptive global audiences.


Member organizations submit content they want promoted.


The Post Growth Institute creates engaging posts across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Mastodon.


An alert system is activated by email and WhatsApp to PGA members and public supporters to engage with the post.


Boost content exposure and increase visibility with the largest post-growth network in the world.