Who Is in the Alliance?

An initiative of the Post Growth Institute, we’re an assembly of groups that believe we can truly flourish only when our economic and social systems are cognizant of ecological limits.

3BL Associates Logo

3BL Associates is an ecosystem of planetary enterprises accelerating global regenerative development by addressing the flawed infrastructure underlying global problem-solving. We foster systematic collaboration to unknot intertwined social, environmental, cultural, and economic challenges. Our commitment is to transform how the world addresses these critical issues for both the human and more-than-human world.

African Life-Centric Design

African Life-Centric Design (ALCD) is a design approach that brings together the principles of life-centered design with distinct creation ethoses and the vast human knowledge from across the African Continent. African Life-Centric Design, and in turn African futurism distinguishes itself from other ‘futurisms’ and design ideologies by firmly grounding its vision within the pluralistic realities of Africa. ALCD delves into the perspectives and aspirations of Africans living on the continent, which ensures that the envisioned future is not an idealised projection based on external perceptions, but one rooted in the lived experiences, inherited cultural practices and factors that can only be understood by those on and from the continent.

Appropedia Foundation logo

The Appropedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that enables access to solutions for international development and sustainability. Our main activities are maintaining and promoting Appropedia, an extensive open source solutions catalog, and providing capacity building for individuals and organizations to produce and share open, accessible, editable, and reproducible practical knowledge to solve pressing global issues.

Decolonising Economics logo

Decolonising Economics is a UK based collective working towards an economy rooted in racial justice principles.
Our work seeks to nourish a Black and People of Colour-led Solidarity Economy Ecosystem.

Dark Optimism logo

Dark Optimism is unashamedly positive about the kind of future we could be creating, and unashamedly realistic about how far we are from doing so today. A perspective which is not afraid of seeking the truth — even when that truth is unpalatable or feels overwhelming.

Disrupt Development logo

We work with leaders, nonprofits, social enterprises, corporates, public institutions and multilateral organisations on complex challenges. We serve as trusted advisors and thought leaders for anyone seeking to think outside the box, do things differently and solve pressing problems that lack solutions. Together we develop customised strategies, co-create learning experiences, launch new initiatives, and support the boldest ideas to become real, all working toward a radically better world for people and the planet.

Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) is part of the emerging global movement of new economic thinking and doing. Our aim is to help create 21st century economies that are regenerative and distributive by design, so that they can meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet. We call this Doughnut Economics.

We work with changemakers worldwide – in communities, education, cities and places, business and government and more – who are turning the ideas of Doughnut Economics into transformative action and aiming to bring about systemic change.

Our name is very intentional: we are focused on action and always learning through experiment.

DEAL was founded as a Community Interest Company in July 2019, and we launched our Community Platform online in September 2020.

Ecoist logo

Ecoist is a conscious movement led by Great Tao to cultivate and Re-unite a generation of Eco-responsible humans, who have transcended Ego and let the universe guide their way as stewards of our Planet. Ecoist helps humans to take a quantum leap from Anthropocentrism to Eco-centrism, reconnect with their Roots and find their salvation in serving Mother Earth.

Ecoversities logo

Ecoversities is a network of learners and communities reclaiming diverse knowledges, relationships and imaginations to design new approaches to higher education. One of the questions that holds our intention is what might the university look like if it were at the service of our diverse ecologies, cultures, economies, spiritualities and Life within our planetary home?


PINE – Platform for Introduction to New Economies promotes Education, Collaboration and Action in alternative economic models towards better futures, while connecting some of the leading organizations in this field and expanding an international network of changemakers. With focus on Latin America, we design and run educational programs, facilitate gatherings and events, and create and publish contents in Spanish.

ESS France Outre Mer logo

ESS France outre-mer’s mission is to connect islands across 3 oceans to generate spaces of transformation to a more dignity driven economy.

Gaian Way

The Gaian Way is an ecospiritual organization working to reconnect people with the living Earth they are part of and utterly dependent on. It provides a set of ecocentric mindfulness practices to support this understanding, ranging from daily nature-based meditations and weekly reflections and nature gatherings (in three cities), to monthly moon fasts and wheel of the year celebrations.

Gross National Happiness Centre Bhuan

The GNHCB was established as a tribute to take forward the vision and philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) as introduced by His Majesty the Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The GNHCB promotes the concept of GNH values by facilitating transformational learning to achieve sustainable societal change. The GNHCB is passionate about creating a better world with true happiness and sees itself as a cultivator of compassionate GNH values. Under the people-centric values of GNH, we work towards offering sustainable solutions for people and planet.

International Association For Feminist Economics

The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) is a global community of academics, activists, policy theorists, and practitioners who share a common purpose: advancing gender-aware and inclusive economic research and policy analysis.

NEC Logo

We’re a coalition of 150+ organizations building the solidarity economy in the U.S. and showing that another world is not only possible — it’s already happening.

New Economy Network Australia

NENA is a network of organisations and individuals working to create an ecologically healthy and socially just society by transforming Australia’s economic system. NENA works by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, peer to peer support and the cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration. Our network brings people together from across dozens of sectors, including – climate, energy and environment, housing, food, money, work/labour and human health – and from across dozens of places (towns and communities) within Australia.

Post Carbon Institute

Founded in 2003, Post Carbon Institute’s mission is to lead the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world by providing individuals and communities with the resources needed to understand and respond to the interrelated ecological, economic, energy, and equity crises of the 21st century. We spur behavioral changes such that people and institutions act benevolently in accordance with the limits to and consequences of economic growth; within sustainable bounds of the Earth’s carrying capacity; with the aim of restoring and regenerating the natural world, and our relationship with the more-than-human; and based on principles of equity, justice, empathy, reciprocity and interbeing. Such changes will not occur by tweaking current infrastructure and policies—they require a complete overhaul—and must be done in the context of further destabilizing crises.

Post Growth Institute logo

Collectively governed by a team across 23 countries, the Post Growth Institute is a US 501c(3) nonprofit that, since 2010, has been committed to the global (re)emergence of post-capitalist alternatives that enable interdependent thriving within ecological limits.

Postgrowth Innovation Lab

The University of Vigo’s Post-Growth Innovation Lab is an interdisciplinary research group committed to fostering a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable ecological transition. What sets us apart is our specific focus on democraticising and critically rethinking the notions of science, technology, and innovation as a means to enable societies prosper without growth.

Shareable logo

Shareable is a nonprofit news and action hub that empowers communities to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world.

Post Growth Guide

Post Growth Guide explores and educates on new pathways to align business with the planetary boundaries. Our mission is to enable companies to redesign their business to prioritize sustainability and resilience over financial extraction and endless growth.

We offer (1) an Online Learning Platform with explainers, case studies, and courses and (2) a Community Platform with meetups and facilitated forums.

SALT logo

The Society for Alternative Learning and Transformation (SALT) is draws the drive of taking care of the ecosystem using the indigenous knowledge of the communities that we work with by diving into sacred sites protection, grazing, bead work, intergenerational learning, and preservation of seeds.

SoFA logo

Sociocracy For All (SoFA) is a nonprofit that helps organizations, communities, workplaces and collectives to learn how to organize in a decentralized way and make their decisions with equity, efficiency, empowerment, trust and transparency using sociocracy.
Our aim is to promote sociocracy locally and globally as a sustainable way of governance. We do this by innovating by making decisions together and sharing what we learn!
SoFA was founded in 2016 and has growth to more than 240 members in multiple counties.

Suspot Logo

SusPoT – Center for Sustainability is a Non-Profit Think-&-Do Tank incorporated with a mission to empower decision makers in developing inclusive sustainability strategies and implementing action plans towards achieving climate-neutral transition of the Indian economy. SusPoT’s vision is to act as a ‘catalyst’ in shaping the sustainable transition of the Indian economy, both at macro-&-micro levels.

The Emergence Network logo

ten is a postactivist network of care & inquiry that creates new openings to age-old problems, disrupting conventional modes of perception, engagement, & responsiveness in times of crisis & disturbing modern notions of justice, power, & human agency.

WoMin African Alliance logo

WoMin is an African ecofeminist alliance which works alongside organisations of women,
peasants, and communities impacted by extractive developments. We make visible and
publicise the impacts of extractivism on peasant and working-class African women and support women’s organising, movement-building and solidarity. WoMin advances an African post-extractivist, ecologically-just, women-centred alternative to the dominant destructive
development model. We define our role as one of support and allyship to movements on the ground and advance this commitment through all our efforts.

Trade Collective logo

Trade Collective is a feminist think tank working with economists, activists, political scientists, researchers and women’s movements from Afrika and beyond.We resist the colonial power relations embodied in global trade and governance systems, international and regional governance structures and centre intersectional Majority World perspectives in all our analyses and resistance.

The Emergence Network logo

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is the leading collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working towards a Wellbeing Economy, delivering human and ecological wellbeing. We were born in 2018 as a time-bound project to catalyse a transition towards a Wellbeing Economy by promoting radical connection and collaboration between different actors of the new economy ecosystem, so we can achieve impact larger than the sum of our parts.